We provide confidential individual and group psychotherapy, addictions and offender counseling as well as veteran's readjustment counseling. Ouachita Counseling Services, LLC is a community-based contract provider for a federal agency and provides transitional mental health and drug abuse treatment services to inmates who live in a local residential reentry center or are on home confinement. Comprehensive evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is utilized with this targeted forensic population and has been shown to effectively:
  • reduce relapse, criminal recidivism and criminality
  • reduce behavioral disorders and inmate misconduct
  • increase the inmate's stake in being productive in society
  • increase interpersonal relationship skills
  • reinforce pro-social behavior(s)


Ouachita Counseling Services, LLC provides contracted mental health and addiction services for federal and state agencies for offenders on supervised release (probation/parole). Ouachita Counseling Services, LLC is the contract treatment provider for the 4th Judicial District Drug/DWI Court and also has experience with providing services for persons involved in the Judicial system in regards to limited curatorship. The 4th Judicial District Drug and DWI Court provides treatment to non-violent felony drug and/or DUI offenders in an effort to reduce substance abuse, crime and recidivism.


Ouachita Counseling Services, LLC provides evidence-based treatment and readjustment counseling for veterans related to:

  • Exposure to combat-related war trauma
  • Exposure to war-zone stress
  • Stressors unique to military duty
  • Substance abuse connected with military duty and/or post-war homecoming and readjustment
  • Concerns over possible service-connected conditions
  • Difficult post-war experiences
  • Concerns over chemical exposure or ramifications thereof
  • Societal alienation


Mr. Bridges is a preferred provider with Vantage Health Plan, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and also a participating provider for GiveAnHour.org.